Lawrence and Links


Lawrence, Kansas is a community with strong support for the Arts. Downtown sculpture displays, free community concerts, terrific school music programs, the Art Tougeau parade, art shows in many local businesses, the Art Walk, live theater, award-winning Children's Choirs, Kansas University operas and recitals, arts festivals... the list goes on. The musical arts are an important part of life, wherever you are, and you can get your child started on a lifetime of musical participation and enjoyment with Music Together® classes. You'll have a great time, too! 


Here are some links for area arts and activities resources and events:

Meadowlark Music Together on facebook

Eagles Day (the flying kind) 

Van Go Mobile Arts

Lawrence Children's Choir 

Lawrence Art Walk

Art Tougeau Parade

Lawrence Busker Fest

Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships (happens in Lawrence every August)

Children and Nature Network (not local, but you can search for local info)

Kansas Children's Discovery Center in Topeka, KS

I urge you to explore the main international Music Together Website, which includes the FAMILY MUSIC ZONE for currently enrolled families. Your code is in your CD booklet.


And some other links to non-local websites and videos:

Kidshealth  (lots of info about various ages and topics)

Science News - A Mind For Music 

Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain with the Pentatonic Scale (YouTube video - short and fun!)

            (Go find the whole symposium if you want to learn more about music and the brain) 

Piano Stairs (Another fun YouTube video. Turns out it's a Volkswagon ad :)


Online Instrument Stores:

Music Together Store 

West Music

Rhythm Band Instruments

Music Is Elementary 


If you have suggestions for other sites and activities, please contact me with the info!