Babies Wednesday 5:30 pm

Karen Abraham
Oread Friends Mtg Hall, Lawrence (location map)
Wednesday, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM
07/08/20 - 08/12/20 (6 weeks)

Babies are born musical! The Babies Only class is an introductory class just for new families with new babies, newborn through 7 months old. You will be amazed at the musical responses your child will exhibit, even though they are not yet mobile or verbal. In this class, the activities are specifically designed to teach you how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with your baby through music using methods such as "purposeful touch," "sound-layering," "dancing for baby," etc. And since our Babies Class uses the same song collections as our other classes, you will experience a seamless transition as your baby grows into our mixed-age classes. 45 minutes, 8 weeks (and invited to attend weeks 9 and 10 in mixed-age class, no extra charge, space permitting), Songbook and CDs included. Babies 0-7 months are also welcome in the mixed age classes, and are free (through 7 months of age) if they are accompanying an older sibling in a mixed age class.

Upcoming Meetings
07/15/20    5:30 PM Wednesday 07/15/20 5:30 PM
07/22/20    5:30 PM Wednesday 07/22/20 5:30 PM
07/29/20    5:30 PM Wednesday 07/29/20 5:30 PM
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