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"The world needs more of these classes" (after two toddlers went around sharing high-fives and hugs with everyone!)

Dad in a mixed-age class

H. loves the class and has really blossomed from it. I catch her singing alone, singing with me, and she loves her CDs from the three sessions we attended. She also still goes around popping her song bubbles. I'll miss the class because it gave me creative ideas to do with the songs and apply to other aspects of our life. Thank you for teaching her and me.

Also, for what is worth, we have attended the free and demo sessions for just about every music class in town and you have a gift that many others lack. We will miss our music classes!

A continuing-after-all MMT Mom

The other evening A. and I did our own music class with the CD. She hummed the tunes, marched, and even did sleepy time. It’s amazing how much she soaks up at this age. We can’t wait to start class in January!

Music Together® Aunt

If your heart is beating, you can feel the rhythm of the dance...
If your heart is open, the song will fill you up.

Father of Child w/ Disabilities

I just registered us again for the Winter session. We are having such a great time and love Music Together. As we speak she has her daddy sitting on the floor and repeating the "ba, ba, ba's" after her. She says she is pretending to be Miss Karen! So cute!

Music Together Mom


We are now a singing family, thanks to Ms. Karen.

Music Together Mom

"[My daughter] is really enjoying Music Together.  I love hearing her break out into the songs randomly during the day.  And I find myself doing so too."

Music Together Parent

We have been coming up with fun silly songs since we took your music together class when N. was just a little baby....thought you would enjoy knowing that we still do this often, when hiking, brushing teeth, cleaning, cooking, bath time! It makes everything more fun! Thank you! :)

A long-ago Music Together Parent

"We feel excited about following the Music Together program for many years. We feel it is a superb program.... We have recommended it to everyone that has small children.... You did a great job of making the adults feel comfortable being silly or letting loose. And the kids love you. Ours talks about Miss Karen everyday!"

Music Together Parent

"What will we do when she's too old??"

Meadowlark Music Together Parent

We are enjoying the music every day. I notice that when I sing verses with sounds (lala, baba, etc) and also when I substitute our own words in the verses to reflect things that are at home rather than the actual words, my son seems to take more interest in making his own sounds.  The music has helped to stop some meltdowns, too - if I start singing the kitty cat song it calms both kiddos down.

A new Music Together Mom

Just had to share.

Last night, S. decided we needed to have a "rat dance party." We have just adopted a pet rat and she has a stuffed beanie-baby type rat, and they came to the party, too. She played the Music Together lullaby CD. It was beautiful. I talked about how she would lay her head on my lap and we would snuggle during the lullaby time, and I told J. he was still the youngest person to participate in a MT class I had ever heard of (2 days old!) The lovely songs really brought back a special time in our lives. S. also said she wished she could be a MT teacher, and was sad that she has outgrown the "Big Kids," (or will next month.)

Thanks so much for this part of our lives as a family.


A long-time Music Together mom

I would like to bring S. to the Wednesday night class...and she can’t wait! In all the dozens/hundreds of young children I’ve known over the years, I’ve never known one who more thoroughly loves music. She sings for hours on end, dances, loves musical instruments, and, recently asked me to go back home for a favorite CD for the car stereo, even though we were on our way to get ice cream. Coming from a distinctly UNmusical family, she’s an astonishing anomaly; and I can’t help feeling that you and her experiences with Meadowlark have played a big role. 

Music Together Grandmother

M. has been singing or doing gestures along many songs in the past couple of weeks. Her forever favorites are "me, you, & we", "trot, old joe", and new ones are "two little cats", "by 'n by", my lady wind, and the ones with "bababa"... Both [my husband] and I are really happy to see such progress in your class. It just cracks me up when she tried to emphasize the last note of each line. We'd like to say thank you for your class and music.

Music Together Mom

"We are looking forward to starting our semester. You will be amazed at how much O- is saying now. If she sees a shell, she spontaneously starts singing the "She sells sea shells" song from many sessions ago! If she sees a horse, she often sings "See the pony galloping, galloping..." If she sees a picture of an owl, she makes rings over her eyes with her fingers, like we did in class. It's really cool to see how she has learned and remembered the songs." 

Music Together Parent

Thanks so much for a delightful experience! Sharing Tuesday evening music with [my granddaughter] is a high point of my week and has also taught me many things... some new and some that I'd forgotten. It's so much fun to watch her recreate "music class" with her stuffed animals and report to her parents on all that has happened and the songs she got to sing.

It's been fun and often very practical to have songs to sing together whether in the car or walking home from the playground. She is simply too big to carry three blocks, so different modes of moving to "rig a jig jig" has been helpful. The "who comes back" song has bridged some weepy goodbyes and is a lovely song for any time. It means a great deal to her. 

Music Together Grandparent

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our kids blossom in your class. We thought we would share how [our Waldorf School] and Music Together share a like-minded intention of allowing a child to unfold naturally.

A Group of Parents

Ever since our last class last spring A. asks every Tuesday if it's time to go to Music Together. Now that she knows it is getting close to time to start again, she is getting very excited. We are both ready to get back into the groove!

Music Together Grandmother

You would be amazed by T's request for us to put on her CD, and she sings along and dances by herself for most of the recording! Now her teachers are saying that she turns everything in to a song!

Music Together Parent

One of C's most requested DVD's at our house is the Music Together At Home demo. She loves telling us how we do some actions differently. I have a cute Flip video of her singing Allee Galloo with Elmo and teaching it to her G'pa. Music Together has become a very important part of our lives. Thank you.

Music Together Grandmother

These classes have been an absolute joy. You've taught O. to love music, and helped us learn to incorporate music into our everyday play. Thank you! O. will miss you; he gets so excited to see Miss Karen and strum the guitar. Thank you!

Music Together Family

"[Music Together] is an excellent program with fun ideas for keeping the music going in the home. And a great place for young children to be able to interact. I was thrilled to discover that Music Together has come to Lawrence! Ms. Karen's teaching/facilitating style is easy going. She made every effort to make sure parents and caregivers were informed, that the environment was safe, and that the music was fun. Children and adults were given opportunities to give input... and it was fun!"

Music Together Caregiver